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Chairs & armchairs

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Chairs & armchairs designed by the most capable indie designers - remarkable offer by

FLOW Armchair - Melounge This piece of furniture is an effect of contemporary taste. Beautiful, lightweight form of FLOW includes suspended seat.

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DIAGO Chair - Tabanda Some may say creating a chair is a real challeange for a designer. But one thing we know for sure - we are extremly proud of DIAGO.

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DUO Armchair - Sponge Design The Duo is both - an armchair and - after deployment - a couch. Duo is soft, made of sponge and doesn’t contain any hard elements.

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CHIPPENSTEEL 0,5 Chair - Zieta Chipensteel 0.5 chair is an effect of limited Chipensteel chair development, offering unique material experience.

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RM58 Mat Armchair - VZÓR Single-handedly designed by Roman Modzelewski, seat suprises not only with innowative technology, but also fully-closed, organic form.

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RM56 Composite Armchair - VZÓR After realisation in plywood, armchair obtain new design in winidur.

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LRG Armchair - Melounge Rock your world in this avant-garde armchair designed by Martin Laskowski. Bold, substantial rocking form, ideally suits contemporary interiors.

CHIPPENSTEEL 0,5 ALU Chair - Zieta Chipensteel 0.5 Alu chair is an effect of limited Chipensteel chair development. Chipensteel 0.5 Alu chair is made of aluminium, thus its weight was reduced by 2/3, but functionality stayed unchange.