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Ces deux mecs :

On the floor of a high school. Hey, it is cool, but I would never do that on the floor of my high school!

luleiya: You are my little sunshine… Two parallel UlquiHime AUs, where one of them is a child (possibly an orphan) and the other is an adult who takes them in… ♥ (piano score is “Reverie” by Debussy)

Anime picture with bleach studio pierrot inoue orihime ulquiorra schiffer luleiya tall image short hair blush black hair smile multiple girls brown eyes green eyes very long hair aqua eyes orange hair holding hug grey eyes open collar

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A smol kolekshion of foils/occidonts - Imgur

Grandma's Dentures Fall Out From Blowing Out Candles GIF - Teeth Dentures BlowingOutCandles - Discover & Share GIFs

Puhahaha!! Probably how it happened! *Yagami Light in a test*

It's funny how you can watch Light write and think nothing of it. Then you try it yourself and realize how weird it is.


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