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It's easy to go viral when your video has got Ryan Gosling in it, but unfortunately, not all videos do. "How does video content go viral?" is a short study by Twitter UK Research Team. Enjoy!

What is it that makes videos go viral? It is one of the big questions in digital marketing. While there is no single magic formula, we’ve come up with some key insights after tracking the stories behind three recent viral videos.

Was 2012 the year of Inbound Marketing Automation? Here’s our top three case studies

Muhammad Ali's doctor claims that the boxing great's remarkable career in the ring could not have contributed to the former champion's Parkinson's Disease.

50-fold increase in the size of data globally between 2010 and 2020 (infographic)

2012 Digital Universe is expanding at a rapid rate - internet usage is increasingly more fragmented, driven in part by socioeconomics and age.