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Niconico Nekomura Puppy Dog Earphone Jack Ver1 Plug Accessory (Dachshund) | so cute!

Niconico Nekomura Puppy Plug Earphone Jack Accessory (Miniature Dachshund) - Adorable Little Brown Dachshund Dog Puppy Dust Plug Smart Cell Mobile Phone Plug Headphone Jack Earphone Cap Dustproof Plug for iphones, ipods, ipads and others by Hamee

Umbreon! This Pokémon was made from polymer clay. Details were painted with…

Headed to a Friendsgiving this year? Get ready to be the most popular person at the table - we’re showing you how to whip up a fancy AF Gnocchi Mac +…

Hey, I found this really awesome haha yess this is too good... Etsy listing at

A wild Dratini appeared! This adorable handmade Dratini plug is made from Fimo clay and coated in a satin glaze for a plastic-like dull shine.