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Don't ever really see a cheetah furry, so I couldn't resist!, but wolf furries are my favorite

You're All I Need by

Warm-up/Practice before I start working again & lighting practice. Experimenting with my fursona a bit & trying to draw him differently. I'm happy how it turns out Weapon: Spear/Crossbow.

Kamil Mokot’s Tattoos, Blackwork Mixed With Watercolor And Geometry

Kamil Mokot’s tattoos are a mix of blackwork and watercolor with elements of geometry, creating an unique and original symmetry-based style.

Sketchy Rabbit Tattoo by kattkottattoo

If you thought to get a cute tattoo, you should consider a rabbit tattoo not only because it is an adorable animal but also for its rich symbolic meanings.

Stunning white rabbit by Nouvelle Rita

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