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Schiavona Sword. Dated: 17th Century

Schiavona Sword Dated: Century Culture: Italian Place of Origin: Venice, Italy Measurements: overall length

Armored Women -- Lady Knights, Warriors, and Badasses - Imgur

I don't know why, but I LOVE this picture. Yes, it's Samurai. I'm more intrigued by ninjas, but samurai armor pretty awesome you have to admit

Sword Knight

Warrior with amazing swords: swords with axes as the crossguard, vambraces with blades on them - this guy is armed to the teeth!

To Deny a Deity (Ukiyo-e Style) by ~sXeven on deviantART

so i wanna try something a little diffrent here xD What you are looking at above is a my style of illustration mixed with the ukiyo-e style. To Deny a Deity (Ukiyo-e Style)