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an image of a beach with palm trees and rocks in the sand, on which there is a cat sitting under a palm tree
تغريدة / Twitter
Caribbean islands
moss covered rocks and trees in the middle of a forest with water running through them
Etage des forêts à Ericaceae
Etage des forêts à Ericaceae | Cette image a été prise au Ruwenzori (Ouganda) en juillet 2006… / Forest Floor Ericaceae | This picture was taken at the Ruwenzori (Uganda) in July 2006… Photo: Station Alpine Joseph Fourier
black and white photograph of mountains under cloudy skies
Pictured: The Simien national park “The landscape here has a big personality, a big dignity. If you give special attention to the landscape, it gives something back to you
black and white photograph of mountains in the desert
Pictured: The Simien national park “The landscape is like the Grand Canyon, created by huge erosions over millions of years. Some of the valleys are 1,500 metres deep
a man sitting on top of a lush green hillside next to a valley filled with mountains
Simien Mountains, Ethiopia
the sun is setting at the top of a mountain with trees and grass in the foreground
Sankaber Sunset in Simien Mountains, Ethiopia (by...
the mountains are covered in snow and green vegetation, while trees stand on either side
an open field with trees and bushes in the foreground, surrounded by foggy mountains
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Ruwenzori, Uganda. Margherita Peak
some people are walking through the jungle with many plants and trees in front of them
The Ruwenzori Range in Central Africa. Would love to walk to these lobelias!