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Good thing Sans is smart, he's gonna have to teach this child how to read. What've you involuntarily gotten yourself into, bro lmao I love how frisk is laying all over sans (sansxfrisk being parents to chara and teaching her to read. i love that idea)

When Hogwarts becomes a public School

When Hogwarts becomes a public School. What makes me laugh is that a couple of tough looking black kids had to approach their middle-aged teacher and ask him to film this with them.

My name is James //// From Thailand // not good in English // i like Undertale and .

sans, Frisk, Toriel>>>> Making ships sail with cannons since 2015:

(I DON'T ship Soriel, but this is so funny) sans, Frisk, Toriel>>>> Trying to sail ships with cannons since 2015

i was bored so i began to make short comics and man oh man how much i love to draw sans being love sick so i picture if frisk were to kiss sans si.

Sans: f-frisk!! M-me vengo!Frisk: y-yo igual!!El esqueleto soltó todo dentro de la humana y en ese instante la humana lo abrazo fuertemente al igual que esté a ella

Read Capitulo "Bienvenida a casa" from the story ~Fall in love (SansxFrisk)~ by LaughMaker-Dino (Dino~) with reads.

[GIF VERSION] Creepypasta listed as WANTED by N4DZ

[GIF VERSION] Creepypasta listed as WANTED by N4DZ