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1944 artwork of the russian artist Dmitriy zigonnik showing a german waffen ss soldier during the early war period

Karl Diebitsch introduced unusual for a German military uniform collar, opening the chest in the English style (it was characteristic only of the party uniforms NSDAP), the absence of one of the ring and runes. The creation of the SS uniforms professor inspired form Prussian "Hussar death."

World War II- SS Black Uniforms of Nazi German Waffen SS Officer Uniform.This black coat is made of wool. It has a red armband bearing the swastika, rank tabs on the collar, and silver shoulder boards worn by high ranking officers.

German WW2:

z- German Soldier, Winter- cover- A Azolskogo's 'Legendary Saboteurs'

Рисунки Дмитрия Згонника. – 85 фотографий

SS-Hauptscharführer in winter camouflage. The green bands on the upper sleeves were meant to help to differentiate friend from foe.