Iwona Kajszczak

Iwona Kajszczak

Iwona Kajszczak
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decordemon: Inspiring and cozy apartment by Jenya Lykasova

Its summer time and the perfect moment to redecorate your small balcony. We came up with nine distinctive tips that will transform your balcony into your favorite space from your home.

Mise en valeur du bleu

Bella Agency Los Angeles - JOAN KAMINOW Portfolio (this is exactly the color of my hair, wish the looks were the same too. I do get a lot of compliments on my hair)

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ᎯᏩİƝᏩ ᏩɌᎯᏣᏋƑմᏝᏝƳ, ᏇİƬӇ ᎦƬƳᏝᏋ, ᎯƝƊ Ӈմ♏ᎧɌ ~ That's Not My Age: Style at any age: Daphne Selfe 80 yrs