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Izabela Judycka

Izabela Judycka
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David Luiz has gone but he still has his moments.

David Luiz has an important evaluation on his current manager and his former manager.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Wage Gap SO TRUE

Gender wage gap talk from one of my favs John Oliver. I love how many times people say something like "its basically the same as a dollar". Even if women got paid 99 cents to every male dollar it is still not a dollar! Bring me gender justice!

John Oliver Has A Good Point

We need more gun regulations, more protection in public places like more places having metal detectors, more security guards, and more cameras, and more awareness and better treatments for mental and emotional health issues to help prevent shootings!

Chocolate and Chelsea FC wedding cake!!! :-) - totally doing this but half Man U!

Chocolate and Chelsea FC wedding cake! - OK, so this would have to be half Chelsea and half Arsenal or Half Real Madrid and Half whatever my spouse wants :p Or all Real Madrid!