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Jazz at the Phiharmonic by Günther Kieser

themaninthegreenshirt: “Jazz At The Philharmonic - rare vintage 1953 German concert program. Program produced for the Spring 1953 Jazz At The Philharmonic package tour of Germany, presented by.

"Rashomon"- Akira Kurosawa.Four views of a murder and rape. The Japanese film is famous for the way it shows a series of events as seen by the different caracters. None of the caracters has the same version of the events. Each version is coloured by the person telling it.This is Hans Hillman's Poster for Kurosawa's Rashomon

RASHOMON poster by Hans Hillmann. Episode 7 of The Poster Boys, discussing the legandary German poster designer, coming this week. This poster and others by Hans Hillmann available at the excellent.