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What was your excuse for not riding a bike again?

If you really ride, - this says it all.

black and white picture, girl on her Harley Davidson

Tattoo Artist - Buena Vista Tattoo Club - www.worldtattoogallery.com/tattoo_artist/buena_vista_tattoo

Looks like it was done by buena vista tattoo club in würzburg, germany. But i'm not really sure

Done at Rock'n'Roll Tattoo Studio Katowice #tattoo #tattoos #ink

Making map is normally considered as the interest of geologists, nowadays becomes one of tattooing ideas. For tattoo lovers, map is not just a diagrammatic representation of areas, but a metaphor to convey different meanings in the heart of tattoo wearer, like what Testy McTesterson said,

by Codex Inferno★♥★