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Silent Hill

The Janitor monster, Silent Hill Movie

silent hill

my fave monster, manniquins creep me out anyway!

Silent Hill: Homecoming Concept Art - Silent Hill Memories - Needler (Render)

Not the most popular SH monster, but my fave.

Silent hill creatures

No nurses here sorry Silent Hill Critters

Italian graphic designer and illustrator Alberto Seveso released another mesmerizing collection of underwater ink photographs.    The images were made by taking high-speed photographs of ink mixing with water, but unlike the previous times, the artist mixed two colors and titled his new series ‘a due Colori’.

Artwork and Photography by ALBERTO SEVESO Alberto Seveso is an illustrator and graphic designer from Italy. In his latest series a due Colori, Alberto photographs plumes of ink underwater. The textures, detail and organic shapes are absolutely incredible.