File:Lysander prepared for gas spraying.jpg

File:Lysander prepared for gas spraying.

File:15 Westland Lysander I (15216624663).jpg

Westland Lysander I

File:Western Lysander ExCC.jpg

Westland Lysanders of 16 Squadron RAF in the observation and cooperation role from which they were quickly withdrawn. The type found its niche in special operations. Photo courtesy of RAF

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6 m)Guns: 2 forward-firing mm)Browning mgs in wheel fairings & 2 mgs for observer kg)bombs under fuselage & 227 kg)bombs on stub wings if fitted.

File:Three RAF Westland Lysanders over Suez canal (4873563428).jpg

3 squadron of the Royal Australian Air Force became operational in Egypt on November An official photograph of RAF Westland Lysander reconnaissance aircraft over the Suez canal in 1940

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Madagascar, December Four Lysander Mk IIIAs of No. 1433 Flight RAF, based at Ivato, over a typical Madagascar landscape, shortly after the official end of the Madagascar campaign. (Photographer: Sgt J.