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Poems. I have never been the type that enjoys to freely write what is on my mind in such a creative manner that it's written in a poem. I've spent years reading, studying, analyzing poems. I have been inspired by the deeper meaning behind poems and have it be so open ended. I would like to write my feelings into an poem in a free verse style in such a way others would want to connect to it.

Self Esteem Grade Beautiful Shel Silverstein poem about BLUE authenticity and the masks we wear (I think, anyway). It would be beautiful to read this before doing a mask-making activity in a counseling group.

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a bruise is tender but does not last, it leaves me as i always was. but a wound i take much more to heart, for a scar will always leave its mark. and if you should ask me which you are, my answer is - you are a scar ~ lang leav