Now that just makes sense. I want this

The Broom Groomer Dustpan is a step-on dustpan with added functionality that makes sweeping easier. Rubber “teeth” on the back of the dustpan lets you quickly and easily comb out dust bunnies from your broom’s bristles, while a smooth rubber lip.

Glittery clothespin magnets

The easiest way to glitter clothespins. I made a bunch of these yesterday, use double-sided tape to avoid gluey fingers and uneven sides. It works great and my Clothes Pins are so Sparkly! Use Martha Stewart glitter it really is the best.


DIY Disco Ball Helmet

Why make a disco ball helmet? Because it's awesome. Nuff said. I've seen disco ball helmets before, but they didn't satisfy the perfectionist in.

Swarovski Crystal Staircase.. WHAT!

In what place would these awesome stairs be commonplace? Swarovski Crystal Staircase - Champs Elysees (this must be the stairway to heaven)