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Zero the Hero!

Zero the Hero made his first visit today! Isn't this guy cute? Check him out here. Yep, 10 days done! I was soooo excited to get Zero's first visit over with started that he came right away this morning! **We read our Zero the Hero story** My coworker Tina had an adorable story and we updated it with some new clipart. The kids loved it! For your free copy click this pic: We worked in our Zero the Hero book that Zero left us. (I pulled the book up on the smartboard so the kids and I could do…

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More Back To School Ideas: Zero The Hero and His Friend Zippy

1-2-3 Count Up To 100-Day With Me! I always like to repost the Zero The Hero packet (a super popular download) at the end of July, as teachers are thinking about back to school. It's a whopping 171 pages (!) and an oldie but goodie for "Throw Back Thursday". I start keeping track of how many days we'd been in school that very first day. A counting up to 100-Day idea, that is a “must have” for me, is Zero The Hero. He is a fun vehicle for incorporating all sorts of math skills. I designed an…

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Zero the Hero

Today was our 30th day of school! I can hardly believe we've made it through a whole six weeks together. The beginning is always so's nice for it to slow down a little bit! GUESS WHAT?! You know how we've been living in the apartment for the last 5 months?! It's nearing an end! PTL! I can't say it enough...apartment living is no joke! We are NOT cut out for it! We miss our swing set and the big back yard and our neighbors to play with... We are closing on the new casa on…

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First Week of Kindergarten

Our first week is over. True, it was short and sweet, and most of the hard stuff is out of the way. My class is amazing! They are kind, fun, and have already begin their learning. Here are a few things we did this week: We had our first try at the dice. Students worked in partners to roll and match their dice to the pictures. Our shape this week was circle. In addition to making Mr. Circle, we colored circles based on size. Great job! Our number this week was 0. We wrote zero, counted to…

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The children were introduced to ZERO THE HERO on the 10th day of school. Here are some ways we celebrate in our class. Zero the Hero brings us something round that is shaped like his favorite number 0! He writes us a letter. These are our Zero the Hero Number Scrolls We wrote numbers 1 to 10. We will add numbers every ten days! The children love to see their scrolls getting longer and longer. This is a great way to practice writing numbers and noticing number patterns. We make a Zero the…

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