Zed league of legends

Unleash the power of Zed, the Master of Shadows, in League of Legends. Learn how to dominate your opponents with Zed's unique abilities and strategies. Join the League of Legends and become a true Zed main today!
ArtStation - Empyrean Zed Splash for League of Legends Films, Fan Art, Marvel, Character Design, Croquis, Rpg, Shadow, Stylized, Mechas

I am so glad to paint this Empyrean Zed splash art for League of Legends. It was challenging. Thanks to AD Mingchen and Riot team for all the feedback! --------------------------------------------------------- In Collaboration with Riot Games Client: Riot Games Riot games AD: Rudy Siswanto West Studio AD: Mingchen Shen Final Polish :League Splash Team

Pedro Caldas Do Couto