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Experience the incredible journey of young Michael Jackson, from his early days as a child prodigy to becoming a global icon. Explore his music, dance moves, and his impact on the world of entertainment.
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In my new inspirational children’s book, Sunne’s Gift: How Sunne Overcame Bullying To Reclaim God’s Gift, Sunne is a magical being or magbee with beautiful spirally afro-textured hair that grows toward the sun. Sunne has the power to make the sun rise and set and so Sunne’s hair is magical. But guess what? All afro-textured hair is magical regardless of whether the hair’s owner has the power to make the sun rise and set. Here are 20 reasons why.

Ken Zen
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This short story takes place in Michael's Bad Era, right after Michael had finished The Way You Make Me Feel music video with Tatiana. You are Michael's close friend in this story, you know him personally.. a bit too close I should say. This is also in the POV of you for the entirety of the story, I might switch it up a couple of times but only when it's necessary. ⚠️ WARNING! THIS STORY CONTAINS SEXUAL SITUATIONS ⚠️ Also this story is based off some sort of gossip about Michael I found, I…

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