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Unlock the full potential of Yasuo in League of Legends with these expert tips and strategies. Dominate the rift and carry your team to victory with this powerful champion.
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For the cinematic project of League of heroes, the concept poster of Kin of Stained Blade. Yasuo cleaned his sword in his inner cage, and The Phantom of Azkana rose behind his back... Lead artist: JUZHEN Concept sketches design by Nicolas Nemiri Concept drafts: Deng Hongbo, Ci yishu, Sun Wangshu, Art director: Zhang Bo

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So happy to get a chance painting Yasuo in a luxury fashion magazine style. And really enjoy the time rendering his face and muscle.🫦Thank you so much to the Art Directors for the very useful tips and feedback! I learn a lot :D ____________________ In Collaboration with Riot Games Client: West Studio Riot Games AD: Rudy Siswanto West Studio AD: Mingchen Shen & Marie Magny Final Polish: League Splash Team

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