Wooden walking sticks

Enhance your walking experience with our collection of unique wooden walking sticks. Find the perfect style that suits your personality and enjoy a comfortable and fashionable stroll.
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Sizing Chart

Custom and personalized orders We can make custom and personalized orders. What should you do? Please leave the personalization details in the "Note to Seller" comment box at checkout. How to Size & Measure a Walking Cane 1. MEASURE YOUR EXISTING CANEDiagram showing measurement of cane. Like your favorite pair of

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How to Carve a Walking Stick With a Dremel Tool | ehow.com

Carving your own customized walking stick with a Dremel tool allows you to easily and quickly remove enough wood from the shaft of the stick to form a matching imprint to your hand. You can also use your Dremel to carve decorative patterns into the wood, as well as to personalize it however you like.

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How to Make Your First Walking Stick

How to Make Your First Walking Stick: Okay, so let's get this straight, this is my second instructable, so constructive criticism is always helpful. The methods of making a walking stick that I am about to show you were made by trial and error on my own behalf. If you have a better meth…

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Hand Carved Walking Sticks - Etsy

Hand picked, hand Carved walking sticks. Each one is unique. No two are the same. Each one is hand picked to perfection. We walk through the woods to find the perfect stick. It is then cut to the length of 5' average. Once cut to size it is then debarked and sanded to the right smoothness. Then it is designed and carved, urethane and colored glass stones (your choice of color). We ship through the USPS parcel post. We offer a 3 day shipping (without guarantee) Rush delivery can be offered at…

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How to Make a Leather Handle for a Walking Stick

How to Make a Leather Handle for a Walking Stick: If you enjoy creating walking sticks from timber found in the woods then you probably have experienced splinters or rough patches in your walking stick. An easy way to be rid of those troubles is to create a simple leather handle. I did it for less …

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