Wood stone

Enhance the aesthetic of your home with the perfect blend of wood and stone. Explore top ideas to incorporate these natural elements into your decor and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Jason Green is an artist at Piedmont Craftsmen. Visit our website to learn more and view images of their work.

manuel saenz
Large Wooden Pebbles by Joel Sayre   - I need one or two :) Woodworking, Design, Wood Projects, Wooden Bowls, Wood Sculpture, Wood Turning, Easy Wood, Wooden Art, Wooden Garden

Some fantastic wooden pebbles that I came across earlier made by Joel Sayre. They reminded me of two of my favourite woodworkers, one named Alma Allen and the other being Ed Moulthrop, the so called ‘father of modern wood turning’. Possibly Alma because of the shape and lovely finish, and maybe Ed because of the woods that Joel tends to use, which is quite a variety to be honest. The pebble above is made out of a monkey puzzle …