Wolf Howling

Explore the mesmerizing world of wolf howling with stunning pictures and fascinating facts. Learn about the behavior, communication, and symbolism of wolves in their natural habitat.
~{This Is The Girl Sitting On The Road As A Wolf, Pretty Huh? I Think So X3}~ Wild Wolf, Wolf, Wolf Photos, Wolf Pictures, Beautiful Wolves, Wolf Love, Wolf Dog, Wolf Howling, Wild Dogs

I captured this Grey Wolf at the Springwater Provicnial Park just outside of town. This a captive animal, for those wondering. I shot through a fence with a wide aperture to make it disappear, and I replaced the background in this image with one from a nearby trail. The original background was a "dog house" and more electrified chain-link fence. This looks more natural. What do you think? :) My Photoblog: don.komarechka.com

Andrea Leite Marques

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