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Sstes potion like a chef testing the soup* hm, needs more eye of newt. Bhooot-art-i-didnt-do this is hilarious + its even funnier if u kno that eye of newt is probably mustard seed Qyrexalyphs 'so who else was today years old when they learned that "eye of newt" is mustard seed and nat the literal eye of a newt or am i just dumb corvidanger 'Theres even more beyond eye of newt Eye of newt - mustard seed Toe of frog - buttercup * Wool of bat - holly leaves Tongue of dog - houndstongue Adders fork Tumblr Funny, Funny Memes, Hilarious, Book Writing Tips, Writing Help, Timmy Turner, Under Your Spell, The More You Know, Spell Book

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