Wire working tutorials

Discover step-by-step wire working tutorials to create stunning jewelry and crafts. Enhance your skills and unleash your creativity with these top wire working ideas.
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In this blog post, I discuss a few simple wire wrapping techniques for anyone who is starting out. If you are new to wire jewelry making, you may be feeling a little lost or overwhelmed so hopefully this will help a bit. Before you get started, you should be familiar with how to make jump rings and how to make an wrapped eye loop. You can bookmark this page for easy reference OR if you are the type who prefers a PRINTABLE version of these simple wire wrapping techniques, read below for more…

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Free Jewelry Tutorial for a Spiral Wire Wrapped Bracelet made from pure copper wire. This artistic beauty is so magical looking. Had a diffi...

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The oohhs and aahhs from our last post on wire wrapping (see our February blog post) are still being voiced. I am so in love with this jewelry making technique that I just can’t help but find beautiful jewelry pieces and artisans to talk about. Here is yet MORE Wire Wrapping Inspiration for sharing! Aren’t [...]

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All about Jewelry Wire - Wire Hardness Explained. Wire hardness is an important part of successful wire jewelry designs. Wire Tutorials, Art Fil, Wire Jewelry Making, Wire Jewelry Tutorial, Accessory Jewelry, Wire Jewelry Designs, Jewelry Hair, Jewelery Making, Diy Wire Jewelry

Save Save Welcome back to All About Jewelry Wire! There are so many important factors to cover with regard to wire basics that I thought it best to break it up into smaller chunks. Yesterday we delved into different wire gauge measuring systems and how to be wary of gauge size discrepancies when shopping for... Read More »

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Wire Wrapped Jewelry With Copycat Wigjig: Wire wrapping is such fun and with a jig it's quick, easy and thereby leaving room for loads of creativity! I came across the wigjig, and the site slowly reeled me, but it did not hook me cause I'm an INSTRUCTABLE member! I need to make rather than…

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