Winged skull

Discover a collection of unique and striking winged skull designs that will add a touch of edgy style to your look. Explore different ideas for tattoos, jewelry, and clothing featuring this iconic symbol.
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Tiptoeing through the Tombstones - Commonplace

"In effect, the cemetery becomes a history laboratory where students can chart and graph gravestone styles and inscriptions according to the specific increments in time in which they first appear, reach the height of popularity, and finally fade out."

oliver bonham
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Alpha to Omega: An Introductory Field Guide to Decoding Cemetery Symbols - 99% Invisible

Full of ornate stonework, cemeteries can be beautiful spaces both to mourn the deceased and celebrate the lives of those who have passed. Yet there is more to these places than carvings of skulls, crosses and crossbones. A snapped rose branch, for instance, indicates a life ended too soon. Wheat, meanwhile, signifies a life fully

Galen Hillers