Willow garden

Create a peaceful and enchanting outdoor oasis with these stunning willow garden ideas. Discover how to incorporate willow trees, fences, and decorations to transform your garden into a tranquil haven.
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Willow, also known as sallow or osier depending on the species, has been used as a practical resource by humans for thousands of years. It is a very flexible plant, and with more than 400 types growing across the northern hemisphere, can range from the fountain shaped trees of the weeping willow, to smaller shrubs. […]

Jennifer Wiebe
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www.1001gardens.org/2014/09/living-willow-structure/ We love this living willow outdoor structure that gives you another living room in your garden ! Look so romantic ! More Living Willow Structures by Bonnie Gale on her website. [symple_box color="gray" fade_in="false" float="center" text_align="left" width="100%"] Website: Living Willow ! [/symple_box]

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