White matter

Learn about the functions and importance of white matter in the brain. Explore how white matter connects different regions and plays a crucial role in cognitive abilities.
Indirect spinothalamic pathways. These pathways mediate the affective and arousal components of pain, temperature, and simple tactile sensations. (A) The ascending axons in the paleothalamic tract synapse in the brainstem reticular formation and neurons in midline and intralaminar thalamic nuclei, which then project diffusely to the cerebral cortex including the cingulate gyrus. (B) In the spinoreticular tract, one group of ascending axons projects to the medullary reticular formation, and ... Nervous System Parts, Nervous System Anatomy, Reticular Formation, Central Nervous System, Nervous System, Cerebral Cortex, Spinal Cord, Neurology, Medical Science

Cuneocerebellar Tract The course of this tract is shown in Figure 9-8B. It should be recalled that the nucleus dorsalis of Clarke is not present in the spinal segments rostral to C8. Therefore, afferent fibers entering the spinal cord rostral […]

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