White Christmas

Transform your home into a winter wonderland with these white Christmas ideas. Discover how to decorate your tree, wrap gifts, and set a cozy ambiance for the holidays.

My favorite time of year to decorate our home is Christmas.. that is kind of a dumb thing to say on here because I feel like you guys already know that. There is something about the tree, garland, ornaments, & of course the lights, that gets me right away. Today I wanted to share with you the lights. I'm not a pro photographer by any means so it's always hard for me to share with you what our house looks like in the daytime & even harder to share how magical it looks at night. BUT, today I…

Bridget Smith

Welcome to my Christmas Nights Home Tour! I must admit, a home lit up with Christmas lights is one of my favorite things. The soft glow of Christmas trees, glimmering candles, and the beauty of normal home lights dimmed are all so peaceful and relaxing. Holiday lights are pure joy for us and I wanted […]


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