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Explore the fascinating world of famous Western heroes and immerse yourself in their legends and stories. Discover the true grit and bravery of these iconic characters that have captured the hearts of millions.
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Don "Red" Barry as Red Ryder with Tommy Cook as Little Beaver Bruce Cabot, Kent Taylor, William Bendix, Barton MacLane, Richard Arlen and Lon Chaney, Jr--an AC Lyles cast if ever I saw one. Jimmie Dodd went from "mesquiteer" to "mousketeer" Early sixties shot of former movie Mesquiteers Max Terhune (with Elmer) and Ray "Crash" Corrigan. Wild Bill Elliott, Bob Livingston, Don "Red" Barry, Roy Rogers, Allan "Rocky" Lane (later the voice of Mr. Ed) and Sunset Carson. Alan Ladd in THE…

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It’s more than the hat, the horse, the boots, and the big screen. Our favorite movie heroes have that cowboy charisma. The movies have introduced thousands of cowboys: straight-shooting sheriffs and bloodthirsty bandits, humble family men and brave pioneers, genuine Old West legends and fictional characters that seem as real as the friends we had lunch with yesterday. So how could we possibly choose 15 of the greatest? Suffice it to say, with much difficulty and no definitive answers. This…

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