Weenie dogs funny

Get ready to laugh with these funny and cute weenie dog videos. Check out the top moments of these adorable pups that will brighten your day.
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Many Dachshunds lift a front paw. It’s one of the breed’s most common quirks. People that only have one or two Dachshunds, or those who aren’t familiar with the beloved weiner dogs, often think their Dachshund is the only one that exhibits this behavior. The fact is, Dachshunds holding up one paw is a well-known

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1. SMOL pup’s first time at the beach From @my_little_sausage 2. Time to have the talk with him again. From @brodiethatdood 3. Brothers love be like From @my_little_sausage 4. Tadaaaa, The wonderful sound of supper time From @sheltielykka 5. How?…Oh… He’s a TOTAL SHOW OFF From @littlerudyrutabaga 6. Awww cutest dobby e

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