Wedding reception seating

Make your wedding reception memorable with creative seating arrangements. Discover unique ideas to ensure your guests are comfortable and enjoy the celebration.

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Multiple Reception Floor Plan Layout Ideas and the importance of using a layout for a game-plan for your event.

Hi friends! Y'all love learning more about layouts! This post has been the most popular one we've had by far in the last 8 years. Our business has rebranded from Abby Mitchell Events to Hired Hostess Event Co. and we actually offer a stand alone package to create an event layout for any venue in any location. Feel free to peruse our current website here or just send me an email at for more info. Original post continued: Oh man are layouts important! From someone who…

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Congrats!!! You’re engaged and probably living on cloud 9! However, reality hits you hard when it sets in that you are going to have to plan a wedding- something you (hopefully) have never done before!! No need to panic, grab a glass, or a bottle, of wine and follow these 5 steps to get you started!

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While assigning seating arrangements for guests at a wedding certainly isn’t mandatory, it is a common practice that most couples choose to create a wedding

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