Watercolor water

Explore the art of watercolor and learn techniques for painting water. Create stunning watercolor paintings that capture the beauty and fluidity of this natural element.
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By it's very nature, water is always changing its appearance. In this post, I'm going to look at various examples of water in typical natural states in the landscape and offer some practical approaches on how to paint water in watercolor.

Brenda Arsenault Burshaw
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Watercolor is such a great medium to render reflections on water and paint beautiful scenes with lily pads. One of the trick to render a water scene is to pay attention to the quality of your edges and see from your reference picture which edges are soft (blurry) and which edges are hard (well defined). Here are the steps you can take to paint a water scene with lily pads. Start by stretching your paper, here I am using a board and stretcher bars. Then transfer a detailed drawing on your…