Washer machine

Discover the best washer machine ideas to make laundry day a breeze. Upgrade your laundry room with a reliable and efficient washer machine that will save you time and effort.
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When I lived in downtown Seattle my entire apartment building shared a total of 2 washers, 2 dryers, and zero elevators. This, combined with living on the third floor of a 100-year-old building with very high ceilings made laundry day a dreaded task. When one of the building's washers tore my favorite shirt to shreds,

Mary Bailey
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COMPACT WITH A LARGE CAPACITY: This 3.0 cu ft washer allows you to wash more clothes, linens, and beddings in just one load. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: When the machine is turned on, the transparent top enables you to see and monitor the water and garments within. Electronic controls with a one-touch readout and an LED display. Simplify cycle selection while maintaining accurate cycle timing. EASY & CONVENIENT: Just press "Start"! And you're good to go even if you want to change any settings…

Liana Sutinen