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Unleash the power of the Warhammer Tomb Kings in your army with these epic ideas. Discover strategies, units, and tactics to dominate the battlefield and crush your enemies.
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The Tomb Kings, known as the Priest Kings in their former lives are the undying rulers of Nehekhara, an ancient Human civilization that formed a great and powerful empire some two thousand five hundred years before the birth of Sigmar Heldenhammer and the founding of the Empire of Man. © Games Workshop Limited 2018. Published by SEGA. Created by Richard Carey for Creative Assembly Limited __________________________________________________ Contact us for Illustration & Design outsourcing…

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The Unofficial Tomb Kings Battletome that I released several months ago had a ton of awesome original artwork in it. Though you can see all of it in the Battletome itself, I thought I would take the opportunity to showcase the artwork on its own as well talk to each of the artists a little bit about their work and Warhammer in general. If you haven't seen the Unofficial Tomb Kings Battletome yet, you can download the 114 page PDF for free here. I was lucky enough to have several extremely…

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"The mighty army of the Necropolis awaiting the command of their lord. Valiant soldiers all, who rise up at the call of their lord and master..." —Hieroglyphic inscription over the Tomb Pit of the Skeletal Legions of Settra[2a] The Skeleton Warriors of the Tomb Kings are ancient and eternally loyal warriors whom have willingly followed their mighty rulers unto death, forming the very core of all of Nehekhara's untold armies. Rising up from the dusty dunes, rank upon rank of these Skeleton…