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A rare image of young Laloo with parasitic twin (1874 - 1905). Laloo traveled with Barnum & Bailey and Norris & Rowe circuses. Vintage Photos, Los Angeles, People, General Tom Thumb, Oddities, Schizo, Human Oddities, Vintage Circus, Conjoined Twins

Laloo, an Indian Muslim, was born in Oovonin, Oudh, India in 1874. His parasitic twin had two malformed arms and two legs, but no head, although there might have been a head imbedded in his body. While the twin had no brain, its blood stream was interconnected with Laloo's, and he could feel where the twin was touched....

Jen Wayne Gacy
The Human Skeleton… Vintage Freak Show Cabinet Cards - CVLT Nation History, People, Old Circus, Freak Show Circus, Big Top, Old Things, Bizarre, Old Pictures, Old Photos

In the 19th and most of the 20th century, humankind’s obsession with all things weird and freaky could only be satisfied with a trip to the circus freak show. There, our ancestors could ogle people afflicted with skin conditions, deformities, and eccentricities, and sometimes people who just happened to be from another culture that the […]

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