Victorian makeup

Step back in time with Victorian makeup ideas to achieve a timeless and elegant look. Discover top trends and techniques to create a stunning Victorian-inspired makeup.
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Victorian magazines, newspapers, advertisements, and the like continuously echoed that a lady should never let herself go. She must always maintain her beauty in order to find and keep her husband happy. A pretty face was also a welcome sight by men, and it was very important to keep their spirits up -- especially during

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blue lashes, dark purple smokey eye, and pretty berry coloured lip look so dreamy together. That chunky braided up-do happens to be gorgeous as well - Troy Jensen Makeup. Portraits, Beauty Make Up, Eye Make Up, Mascara, Make Up Looks, Smokey Eye, Beauty Makeup, Dark Lipstick Colors, Eye Makeup

In the last year, I've become obsessed with an aesthetic that I like to call "Edwardian cyborg": futuristic sleekness coupled with windswept Gibson-girl glamour. This is the image that started it all: You've already seen this photo in an earlier post, wherein I experimented with theBalm's Nude 'tude palette. "Edwardian cyborg" was the name I gave to my (much inferior) interpretation of this look: glassy lips, touches of frost and metal on the eyes, unnaturally rosy cheeks, hair elaborately…

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