Valley Cottage

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Mount Rainier Wildflowers, Washington Nature, Flower Field, Beautiful Places, Beautiful Nature, Scenic, Beautiful Landscapes, Fields, Wildflowers, Meadow I hope you are not getting tired of Mount Rainier shots? I have so many from the numerous trips I made this past August, that I want to share them. This year was fantastic for wildflowers with so many flowering at the same time! This was shot on that morning where the mountain was covered in fog and a list mist had been falling. All of the flowers were covered in dew drops, and there just seemed to be a sense of peace while walking the trails above Paradise…

Nicholas Heilweil
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Day 4 was a rest day. Instead of cycling from one city to the next, we stayed at our incredible hotel in Wengen, Switzerland and went for a hike in the mountains above Wengen. The views from the top of the mountain were incredible. We ate lunch near the top of our hike and then walked back to the hotel in downtown Wengen before being treated to the best meal of the entire bicycle tour - a buffet with some of the best desserts I have ever eaten in my life.