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Uncover the rich and diverse history of Turkey, from ancient civilizations to modern times. Discover the captivating stories and influential events that have shaped this remarkable country.
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The Republic of Turkey, commonly referred to as Turkey is a country situated at the edge of both Europe and Asia. This makes Turkey a land that is directly affected by the conflicts of its neighbors, of which they have many. In fact, Turkey is bordered by eight countries. Over the centuries, there have been various struggles, conquests, and changes of power, which have all shaped the nation into its current setting as a gateway between the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. This infographic from…

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THE VERTIGINOUS view from Kremna, in the western fringe of Turkey’s rugged Taurus Mountains, tumbles down steep slopes past pine forests to emerge onto fields of wheat, barley, and chickpeas far below. As I edged closer for a better look, it was clear to me how the ancient city had gotten its name: in Greek, the word kremnos means precipice. I hadn’t seen a soul since greeting the solitary guard at the site entrance; as I picked my way uphill through the ruins, the only noises beside my own

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