Triangle quilts

Discover a collection of stunning triangle quilts that will bring a modern and stylish look to your home. Explore unique patterns and designs to create a cozy and vibrant atmosphere.
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For this tutorial I am going to show you how to sew 60-degree triangles together into pairs, then rows & then put the rows together. 3 1/2" triangles are shown here. The concepts are the same for other size triangles cut from the Hex N More, Sidekick and Super Sidekick rulers. The triangles are all arranged with the blunt point up or down. Take the 2nd triangle and place it on top of the first, right sides together. Alignment is key. Make sure they are exactly on top of each other before…

Kara Wheatley
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I have been digging through my scrap piles pulling every useful piece out, I guess it’s spring cleaning time in my sewing room :)So far I have made three new scrap baby quilts, and I have two more lap size quilts in the works… and I haven’t bought a thing! I thought I would share my process for making unused scraps into useful and simple quilts. There really is no scrap left behind…I did a video showing my process, and I talked a bit about sewing with bias and using a smaller stitch length…

Lulu Chiu