Tortuga rum cake

Indulge in the irresistible flavors of Tortuga Rum Cake. Try these mouthwatering recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth and experience a taste of the Caribbean.
Almost Tortuga Rum Cake. So yummy! Surprisingly light in texture. NOTE: Unlike the recipe, I added the rum for the glaze and simmered for a long time to burn off the alcohol. Still had a kick to it though. Absolutely delicious. Rating: 5/5 Tortuga Rum Cake, Rum Cake Recipe, Cake Mix Ingredients, Basic Cake, Rum Cake, Caribbean Recipes, White Rice, Food Cakes, Let Them Eat Cake

Next best to the original! On our visit to the Caribbean, we brought home the best Rum Cake I've ever had.... in fact it's the very best of all cakes I've ever had!!! I then thought I'd send for some to be shipped to us and found the price to be $35 for the med. size ( I paid $18 on the Island) So my search for the recipe began! You can not purchase Tortuga Rum ANYWHERE except in the Caribbean - Whaler's Vanille Rum should be a close match. This next best copy-cat comes from Newsgroup…

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This rum cake is a delicious taste of the Caribbean! Soft and soaked with rum, its a tropical taste that will have you clamoring for more! For a new twist, try the orange citrus version of this rum cake!

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Tiki Foods: How to make a Rum Cake like the Tortuga Rum Cake famous in the Cayman Islands and the Caribbean. Perfect as a desert or snack for a tiki party or luau. Please check out our SISTER SITES. Tortuga Rum cake Factory. Tortuga Rum cake store. Making the rum cakes. Overview: This is as close as we can come to the original recipethat is enjoyed in the Cayman Islands. The original recipe is made from a special recipe of gold rum, that made by the Tortuga Rum Company and is not for sale to…

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