Toddler activity bags

Discover a variety of toddler activity bags that will keep your little ones entertained and promote their cognitive development. Explore top ideas for creating engaging and educational experiences for your child.
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After a recent post for a series about busy bags where I showed our latest simple fine motor activities using straws I was moved to collect a collection all in one place that has the specific purpose of being busy bags for fine motor activities. Now, some of the items below are not represented in the actual posts as busy bags but because of their unique dynamics can easily be TURNED INTO a busy bag.

Angie Flowers
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Yay!! I am so glad you are here. Do I have something that is going to rock your world! This is how to make 30 Quiet Bins for $9!! You love the idea of quiet time (what Mama doesn't?), but you don't want to spend hours setting up that quiet time (what Mama does?) ---

Emily Monteith
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Inside: Let’s make morning busy boxes for a toddler! This game-changing idea will have them actually engaged and playing with their toys. Mornings are undoubtedly a tricky time with a toddler. You have a tiny human who has immediate needs, plus your own needs, and maybe a baby or older siblings as well? Suddenly you need to be making breakfast, holding them, reading 97 books,

Carmen Calluchi
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Thanks again to Alison who is here with five more busy bag ideas. I'm so looking forward to compiling them all into one great photo collage ready for Pinterest (see below)! ---------- Here we are again with another busy bag post! The weeks sure seem to be going quick! I had fun putting together these busy bags over the last week and am looking forward to sharing them with you. These bags are perfectly suited to my 12 month old boy. They focus on developing his fine motor skills and for…