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Explore a collection of stunning time photos that will inspire and amaze you. Discover the beauty of capturing moments frozen in time and find your own inspiration to create timeless memories.
Ant Strength. See More Perfectly Timed Pics @ http://www.buzzfeed.com/htconex/11-perfectly-timed-photos-you-dont-want-to-miss-78cv Resim, Animaux, Animais, Sanat, Dieren, Animales, Beautiful, Fantasy, Ilustrasi

It's okay. You can blink. Life is full of jaw-dropping, inspiring, and unbelievable #DONTMISS Moments, and with the HTC One X, only from AT&T, you can pull hi-res stills straight from video. And although none of these jaw-dropping photographs have been snapped with the HTC One X, let them serve as inspiration to capture and share your own incredible, once-in-a-lifetime events.

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What Is Conceptual Photography: 16 Inspiring Examples Resim, Ilustrasi, Fotografia, Grayscale, Conceptual, Fotos, Photo, Kunst, Conceptual Photography

Backgrounds are often used to complement a subject or to make it stand out.You can use common backgrounds, such as walls, to make a concept come to life. A wall with graffiti art could make your subject look like it has wings, for example.Look for interesting street art in your area. This challenge will improve your street and conceptual photography skills.

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