Tie dye beach towel

Add a pop of color to your beach trips with our vibrant tie dye beach towels. Explore our top ideas for stylish beach accessories that will make your beach days even more fun and fashionable.
Tie-Dye Beach Towels – Created By Kisha

Tie-Dye is definitely trending this summer. We decided to jump in on the fun by making our own personalized tie-dye towels. Using a spray tie-dye kit, large white towels, and craft vinyl, we were able to create colorful and fun beach towels that the kids couldn’t wait to take to the pool. Important Tip Using…

Julie Gray

Life has been so crazy busy. It seems the last few months have been about DIY fixing up a house I won't be living in anymore, finding a new place to live, visiting family before I move far, far away and trying to get work done. Seriously... it's absolutely been insane! And when things get

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