Thrift flips

Discover the art of thrift flipping and unleash your creativity by transforming ordinary items into extraordinary treasures. Get inspired with top ideas to upcycle and repurpose thrift store finds for a unique and personalized touch.
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Nail art is a captivating form of self-expression that allows you to showcase your personality and style right at your fingertips. From intricate designs to bold colors, your nails can become a canvas...

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So after a couple false-starts on refashions (where either something didn't work, or my end pictures didn't turn out right), I just wanted to get SOMETHING done to show you guys I'm still alive! And I found the perfect candidate. It's not a bad shirt! Men's Medium? It's been MONSOONING all afternoon, so comfy clothes was the order of the day. This tshirt is fine, as far as regular ol' comfy tshirts go, but I wanted something cute as well as comfy! I was inspired by the trimming done on this…

Signe Granat
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My husband who has been working out of state for several months, just got back a few days ago :) It’s been so nice to just hang out and do the things we like to do together. One of those things is thrift shopping. Most people have no idea how many awesome things you can

Brenda Carpenter