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Transform your classroom into a dynamic theatre space with these creative ideas. Discover how to engage and inspire your students through theatre-based learning experiences.
Drama Classroom Ideas, Drama Room Ideas School, Drama Classroom Decorations, Theater Classroom, Dance Classroom, Theater Teacher, Theatre Camp, Theatre Teacher, Middle School Drama How to Organize a Theatre Classroom Well it's time to welcome back students for a new school year! I had a wonderful break from all things school related (including this blog) but I'm back and geared up for a new year. I am so excited about all of the fun adventures we are going to have with my students. This year I have 125 theatre students come to school specifically to learn theatre! That is the most I have ever had! I know we are going to have a great year…

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As a teacher, I tend to spend as much, if not more, of my waking hours in the classroom as I do in our own home. As much as I love being able to rehearse in the auditorium itself, much of the time it is necessary for my students and I to remain in the theatre classroom. For this reason, it is important that when decorating the theatre classroom, we make it a comfortable place for me the teacher and a welcoming place for my students.

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