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I love the CW show The 100, I still need to watch season six but I have seen all of the highlights of most of the episodes to know basically what happened. And it was amazing! I'll actually watch it next week or the following, but in the meantime I thought I would go over the characters that have the highest body count during the time of the show. To see who really is the Commander of Death or Wanheda, as it's not Clarke Griffin even though she bears the title. Now some of these counts are…

Joselyn Malla
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Which dystopia would you rather live in: the year we're currently having, or one of these fictional universes? For many people, it seems the answer is anywhere but here. At a time when everything feels like it's falling apart, people have taken more interest than ever in dystopian sci-fi, worst-case scenario visions of what past authors feared would come to pass. Maybe watching others fight through unprecedented grimness makes us feel better about fighting our own — or maybe the universe…

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