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Decision Guide Inside: Should You Leave? - Terri Cole

In this week’s episode, I’m going to give you some tools to help you look beneath the surface for the answers you need. No matter what comes up, this process is designed to honor your relationship, your investment in it, and ultimately, yourself!

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Stop Losing Yourself in Relationships - Terri Cole Terri Cole, Losing Yourself, Love Revolution, Healthy Boundaries, Lose Yourself, Lasting Love, Healthy Balance, Trust Issues, Spoiler Alert

Stop Losing Yourself in Relationships - Terri Cole

Do you feel like every time you get into a relationship you start to lose yourself? Does your identity get all tangled up with the person you’re seeing? Do you start to forget or neglect the things that make you, YOU? Maybe you used to have a real passion for something but abandoned it […]

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How to NOT Raise a Codependent - Terri Cole Codependent Parents, The Idealist Quotes, House Of Tomorrow, Break The Cycle, Terrible Twos, Mommy Time, Family Systems, Parent Child Relationship, Red Flags

Not Raise a Codependent: How To - Terri Cole

In this week’s episode, I’m diving into what codependency in a parent/child relationship looks like in practice so you can raise your awareness around where you might be reinforcing dysfunctional patterns PLUS giving you some simple shifts you can make that can make all the difference! (#breakthecycle)

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Is It Time to End Your Relationship? Codependency Relationships, Narcissistic Mother, Highly Sensitive People, Sensitive People, Long Lasting Relationship, Passive Aggressive, Word Of Advice, Low Self Esteem, Being Good

Is It Time to End Your Relationship?

Have you ever felt confusion about whether the relationship you're in is the right one for you long term? Today I'm asking 15 questions to help you figure out if the relationship you're in is over or if it's worth putting some time into.

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