Tectonic plates activities

Engage your kids with these fun and educational activities that explore the fascinating world of tectonic plates. Discover hands-on experiments, interactive games, and more to learn about the Earth's dynamic movements.
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Edible Plate Tectonics - Girlstart

Divergent, convergent, and transform! Learn how Earth’s tectonic plates interact in this delicious activity. Model the plates’ movements using frosting and graham crackers to understand how Earth’s landscape can change … Continue reading "Edible Plate Tectonics"

Deanna Caswell
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6th Grade Science - Plate Tectonics - ADM Community School District

On Friday, January 20, the sixth graders participated in a culminating activity in their learning of plate tectonics. Students used graham crackers and frosting to model the different tectonic plate boundaries. You can see pictures from the lab […]